Ryan Program Didactic Curriculum in Family Planning

The Ryan Program Didactic Curriculum in Family Planning is designed to serve as a curricular resource for family planning training for residents in obstetrics and gynecology. The modules contain objectives, articles, videos, and quizzes.

The eight 2021-2022 modules cover:

Module I. An Introduction to Reproductive Justice
Module II. Overview of Abortion Care
Module III. First-Trimester Uterine Aspiration Abortion and Second-Trimester Dilation and Evacuation
Module IV. Medication Abortion and Labor Induction Termination
Module V. Early Pregnancy Loss Management
Module VI. Contraception
Module VII. Career Planning
Module VIII. Policy and Advocacy

The Ryan Program Curriculum is hosted by Innovating Education in Reproductive Health on their free online reproductive health education platform, RHEcourse. The platform offers structured instructor-led and self-paced learning options. Through RHEcourse, instructors can customize and assign content and track learner progress. Or, new learners can register for self-paced learning.

Participants are added on a rolling basis. You can expect to receive an email from RHEcourse within a week of submitting your request. You must click the link in your welcome email within 7 days or your link will expire.

If you have questions regarding the RHEcourse platform, please contact info@innovating-education.org.