Why start a Ryan Program?

In addition to compliance with ACGME and CREOG requirements and improving resident training in all aspects of uterine evacuation and contraception, the establishment of a Ryan Program offers numerous additional benefits to a department of obstetrics and gynecology:

  • Attracting residency applicants who want to learn clinical skills in all aspects of family planning
  • Streamlining patient care through efficient use of hospital resources
  • Introducing new, evidence-based techniques and practices
  • Increasing opportunities for research
  • Laying the foundation for a Complex Family Planning Fellowship site
  • Leveraging Ryan Program implementation/leadership for academic/institutional promotion

Residents and faculty report improved competence in clinical skills:

  • Gynecologic and obstetric ultrasound skills
  • Early gestational bimanual exam
  • Prevention and management of abortion-related complications
  • Uterine evacuation techniques
    • Manual and electric uterine aspiration (MUA & EUA)
    • Dilation and evacuation
    • Cervical dilation techniques
  • Medication abortion
  • Patient counseling
  • Management of fetal demise and miscarriage
    • Diagnosis of early pregnancy failure
    • Outpatient use of the manual aspiration syringe
    • Medical management
  • Contraceptive management
    • Contraceptive counseling
    • Postpartum and postabortion contraception
    • Enhanced training in the use of LARC, including postpartum and post-abortion
    • Care of patients with comorbidities
  • Pain management for outpatient gynecologic procedures
    • Oral analgesia
    • Local anesthesia
    • Intravenous sedation
  • Counseling techniques

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