Ryan Program Milestones

The Ryan Program offers Milestones designed to evaluate residents’ family planning skills.

The Milestones provide a developmental framework for resident education, a complement to didactic curriculum, and enhance resident assessment of clinical skills.

The Ryan Program Milestones help to evaluate skills in key family planning areas.

  • Overview of abortion care
  • First-trimester uterine aspiration abortion
  • Second-trimester dilation and evacuation
  • Medical abortion and labor induction terminations
  • Early pregnancy loss management
  • Contraception
  • Policy

Each topic contains a Milestone broken into four columns: Incoming Resident, Resident-in-Training, Graduating Resident, and Area Expert. Each column allows for evaluation of important skills, knowledge, and attitudes that define several topics in family planning for each phase of residency from early learner to unsupervised expert.

PDFs of these Milestones can be downloaded here:

Ryan Program Curriculum Milestone Evaluation 04.2015

Modules and Milestones 04.2015

If you have any additional questions about the Ryan Program Milestones, please feel free to email info@ryanprogram.org.

We would like to thank Dr. Jennifer Salcedo, Residency Program Director at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, whose evaluation tools both inspired and were the basis on which our new Ryan Program Milestones were created.